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Congratulations Ryan Chunta First Place


Roger Mincey, Ryan Chunta, Noah Faulks

It was all rainbows over Mincey Racing Team Sunday in Dawsonville.  Ryan Chunta took first in his 4 stroke A class placing him 16th overall of more than 170 riders, including the pro.  The grueling and rocky 2 hour event proved to be one of the bigger challenges of the 2017 SORCS (Southern Offroad Racing Challenge Series) as Dawsonville hosted its first race historically.  Turn out was record for the event and Mincey Racing Team rose to the occasion.  Team Alumni Noah Faulks dusted off his transponder after more than 2 years on the sidelines proving he still had it in the morning race.  Faulks finished 4th in his division.  Roger Mincey finished 6th in his division.  One more great race story for this racing Veteran.